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As a guest of Firefly, enjoy all that Mustique Island has to offer

With it’s pristine deserted white sandy beaches fringed by palm and coconut trees, Mustique is the Caribbean island you thought only exist in fantasies.

Free of hassle and hustle with no beggars, no beach or street vendors, no unemployment, no casinos, high rise hotels, night clubs, discos or golf courses and a 20 mph speed limit Mustique is the ultimate island paradise.

Do as much or as little as you want.

Take a sunset gallop along the beach, enjoy wonderful hiking and nature trails, go sailing, scuba diving, snorkelling or get active with water sports and tennis or simply just relax and be pampered in the islands spa.

Mustique enjoys a warm climate, with an average temperature range of 75 to 85 degrees (24 to 29 c) throughout the year. Any time of the year is wonderful, there is no "out of season", being far enough south to avoid hurricanes. Some of the best times to be here are the summer months of June, July & August when all our beautiful flora is in full bloom.

View of Lagoon Beach image